Drug Testing

Pre-Employment, Post Accident, Reasonable Suspicion, Follow-Up, & More

Whether your need is regulated by the federal government or company policy, Before You Hire, Inc. can design a program that can be tailored to your specific needs. While still maintaining federal/state law compliance, keeping a drug-free workplace is KEY to your productivity.

Non-DOT Testing

Quick Screens (CLIA Waived/FDA Approved/Laboratory Accurate) – Various Panel Drugs Available
North Carolina State Law for CURRENT Employees:
Controlled Substance Examination Regulation Act, N.C. Gen. Stat. § 95-230 et seq
Samples may be collected on-site but MUST BE SENT to an approved laboratory for the screening test.

NO QUICK SCREENS on pre-existing employees. Quick screens only allowed on pre-hires.


Laboratory Confirmation & MRO Review on Non-Negative Quick Screen Devices

Before You Hire, Inc. uses a SAMHSA certified laboratory with GC/MS results.

*All reports and results provided by Before You Hire, Inc. are held in the strictest of confidence along with being in compliance with all HIPPA laws and regulations.

MRO Report (Medical Review Officer):
MRO reviews can be ordered as needed on NON-DOT positive results. The MRO will determine if it is a RX drug, an illegal drug, or a non-RX that will result in a positive. The MRO will actually call the donor to ask a series of questions to determine the results, which are confirmed legal, and the final report of the drug test.

Alternative solutions for collections to detect drug use:

Hair & Saliva Collections

Call Before You Hire today to see what best fits your needs!

View the DOL Controlled Substance Examination Regulation Act of North Carolina. Click Here

On-site Collection Services

Before You Hire, Inc. does offer On-site Services for any testing need.  Please inquire about protocols & fee rates.

Random Drug Testing Programs

While screening your employees through the pre-hire stage, it is a VITAL component to maintain an ongoing random program. You can custom fit your random testing program to your needs and your schedule. BYH will accommodate any shifts. The positivity rate for random drug tests is 47% HIGHER than pre-employment drug tests!

Here are a few surprising statistics:

Absenteeism: Alcoholics and problem drinkers are absent from work 3.8 to 8.3 times more often than normal. Additionally, drug users are absent from work an average of five days per month due to drug use.

Productivity: When they do show up, substance abusers are 33% less productive and cost their employers $7,000 annually.

Work-Place Accidents: Drug-using employees are 3.6 times more likely to be involved in workplace accidents and five times more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim. Workers Compensation insurance may offer an additional discount with an active random drug test program in place.

Medical Costs: Substance abusers are three times more likely to use medical benefits than other employees.

Workplace Theft: 80% of drug abusers steal from their workplaces to support their drug use.

*Contact us today to tailor a random drug/alcohol testing program to keep your WORKPLACE DRUG FREE.

Laboratory Services ONLY – Company Nurse Use

Before You Hire, Inc. also offers laboratory services for companies that collect in-house and will ONLY require lab services. We can provide all the collection supplies (cups and CCF). Your collection personnel would collect the specimen and send it out to our SAMHSA certified laboratory.