Background Checks

North Carolina Background Checks

North Carolina Statewide Criminal reports are obtained from the AOC (Administrative Office of the Courts) in Raleigh that are updated daily. This search will report infractions, traffic citations, felony and misdemeanor records from all 100 county district and superior courts within a 7 year search scope (CRA Regulation).



Before You Hire, Inc. is an approved vendor on the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC) List. Please visit their website for more details: North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC)

“The official custodian of all official court records for each county in North Carolina is the clerk of superior court  of that county.  The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts is not the official custodian of any case record and provides only copies of data entered by the county clerks.  To verify a record’s accuracy, contact the clerk of the county of record.”


Out of State Background Checks

Whether being county by county or state by state, Before You Hire, Inc. has the ability to obtain criminal background information from anywhere in the U.S.

International background checks are available as well.


Nationwide Sweep Background Checks

The Nationwide Database Search covers 45+ states including the District of Columbia. With over 3900 sources available with information from at least one of the following: county courts, state corrections, warrant records, or the state sexual offender index, giving over 800 million records. Please note information maintained in the nationwide database by The Department of the Treasury – Office of Foreign Asset Control may be updated monthly, quarterly, or even yearly. The search also includes Foreign National Search.

With this being a database search, this information should never be relied upon for the sole portion of the employment screening process; please consider this report as a supplemental tool, pointer file search, verifying any hits found at the county/state level.

States with little to no participation: Delaware, North Carolina [demographic info only], South Dakota and Wyoming.

It is HIGHLY advised to process a North Carolina Criminal in conjunction to this sweep report as NC stopped reporting to this database source in March 2011!


Federal Background Checks

If one is arrested by federal authorities and taken to a federal detention center, the likelihood is that the case will be handled in federal court. There are numerous types of offenses that fall under the category of federal crimes, which include but not limited to:

  • Smuggling Controlled Substances
  • Internet Crimes
  • Large Quantity Narcotic Conspiracy Cases
  • Bank Robbery and Bank Fraud
  • Pornography Cases
  • Mail Fraud/Theft from the Mail
  • Bribery of Public Officials
  • Crimes Committed on Federal Land
  • Interstate Crimes

In federal court, both the United States Code and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines control sentencing. Under the Guidelines, a federal judge is required to sentence according to a formula, which is a combination of the offense of conviction and the defendant’s criminal history.


Civil Background Checks

Civil Searches identifies non-criminal cases by or against a person or company.  A civil record is a non-criminal dispute between two parties and can involve contract disputes, money, property, liens, etc.  This is a search conducted directly at the county courts and is not available in a statewide report.


National Sex Offender

The National Sex Offender Registry is the most comprehensive list reporting over 700,000 registered sex offenders, covering the entire United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam. The repository includes over 700,000 names and 400,000 photographs.


North Carolina DHHS Registries

N.C. Department of Health and Human Services – Division of Health Service Regulation – Health Care Personnel Registry.

Provides verification directly from:

  • N.C. Nurse Aide I Registry
  • N.C. Medication Aide Registry
  • N.C. Geriatric Aide Registry
  • N.C. Health Care Personnel Registry

Databases are updated regularly.  Pending investigations and substantiated findings are reported in short form and must require registry staff.


Global Security Search [OIG/SAM/EPLS]

Includes over 1,400 different sources, including healthcare sanctions.  Including but not limited to the following sources:

  • Most wanted Health Care Fugitives (OIG)
  • AFDC Quality Control Decisions from the US DHHS
  • Exclusion Extract Data Package – System for Award Mgt.

Updates can be sporadic as sources do change.  State Level Debarments & Exclusions may NOT report.


FACIS® – Level 3 : Fraud Abuse Control Information System

Product of Verisys, whom has 20+ years of healthcare safety involvement; one of which that is REQUIRED via MEDICARE/MEDICAID.  Considered the Gold Standard for screening against health care exclusions, debarments, disciplinary actions, and sanctions; ultimately providing 100% guaranteed assurance in Federally Funded Compliance Requirements, as it exceeds the minimum level of screening to me the HHS OIG standard.

Small snapshot of what it covers:

  • 5,000+ Data Sources
  • 75,000 records added monthly
  • 99.9% Verification Accuracy
  • U.S. State Department / Treasury Department
  • Medicaid Exclusionary Source Data
  • Medicare Opt Out
  • 94 U.S. District Courts
  • 38 state Medicaid sanctions
  • 42 HEAT Sources
  • 52 State AG notice & release sources
  • 36 state level procurement/contractor debarment sources

FACIS screens for ALL current and historical exclusions, debarments, and disciplinary actions – AT ALL LEVELS.  Al hits are automatically verified for accuracy purposes to meet all State/Federal Law requirements.

TURNAROUND TIME: INSTANT (Verification’s taking 1-3 business days)