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In her staffing experience prior to opening Before You Hire Inc. in 2001, Jerelyn Dishmond said that completing proper screening when hiring temporary positions was always important in reducing turnover. Then, when an employee was hired full time, HR had to go to one place for a drug test, another for a background report, another for a physical, sometimes had to wait two to three days, plus deal with multiple invoices! This could be time consuming, and frustrating at times.

Jerelyn decided to leave the staffing industry and take a leap of faith to open her own full-service screening company. She provides full menus of services and testing under one roof, with one invoice, and with exceptional turnaround times. Jerelyn made it her goal to offer “superior, unparalleled service, along with cost-effective prices.” Now in her 17th year of business she and her staff have done just that. Around the clock availability, stellar customer service, and quick turnaround time keeps their long term client base of close to 1,000 very happy. She belived she could so she did!

At the time Jerelyn was starting Before You Hire Inc. her daughter, Kortney Myers, was making decisions about her career while she earned her degree in business. Kortney joined the company in 2003 and is now the Vice President of Operations. She also helps oversee 500-plus truck drivers, serving as a vital support with their federal-DOT compliance requirements and assisting with state and federal DOT audits. “Growing up, seeing my mom as a successful businesswoman, made a huge impact on me.” Kortney said. “I remember thinking I wanted to grow up to be just like her.”

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